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Happy 2021!

2020 has come to end. It was another important year for each and every person employed at Black Sea Terminal (BST). The results achieved during this period give us reason to be proud: the company has successfully achieved its goals and objectives and has utilized its opportunity to cooperate with international customers and fulfill all required services.


Additionally, the contribution Black Sea Terminal has made to the country's economy is especially important. BST takes pride in the outstanding support it has provided towards the development of sports and culture, the financial assistance to charity organizations it has provided and the help and support it has offered to the needy – especially the elderly and children.


Unfortunately, the ongoing pandemic has brought a lot of changes to the company’s daily activities, but through it all, the company has overcome these difficulties and was greatly involved in the campaign against the COVID-19 pandemic.


2020 was also a year of conflict for Azerbaijan. As such, we would like to honor the dignity of the many brave Azerbaijani soldiers who lost their lives during the conflict while heroically fighting for their country.


We would also like to take the opportunity to congratulate all our Azerbaijani friends and colleagues with whom we have been working and sharing each other's sorrow and joys for more than a decade on “Azerbaijani Solidarity Day”, which was observed on December 31.  


2021 may be a difficult year for all of us, but as time passes there will be changes that will lead to new opportunities for all! May 2021 bring many new opportunities, new hopes and new dreams.


Happy New Year!

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