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Certificate for timely provision of information by National Statistics Office of Georgia

The National Statistics Office (GeoStat) is an agency in charge of national statistics and responsible for carrying out population, agricultural and other censuses in Georgia. It was established as a legal entity of public law according to the December 11, 2009 law of Georgia, succeeding the Department of Statistics of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia.


GeoStat is an official authority exclusively responsible for production and dissemination of official statistics in accordance with international statistical standards and requirements. Its principal purposes are collection, editing, processing, storage, analysis and dissemination of exhaustive, up to date, reliable and comparable statistical data. One of the main functions of GeoStat is provision of official statistics to the civil society, official authorities, NGOs, the mass media, business and academic communities and other categories of users.


It carries out its functions taking into account the international methodology and standards. Besides, the activities of the GeoStat are based on the basic principles of the official statistics: Professional Independence, Objectivity, Reliability, Confidentiality of Statistical Data and Efficiency.


In view of the principles the GeoStat closely cooperates with the international and local organizations to achieve effective production of official statistics. Cooperation with the local organizations means the cooperation and coordination of the GeoStat with the bodies producing the statistics in order to effectively produce the statistics. As for Kulevi Oil Terminal, it submits all necessary statistical information regarding cargo turnover to the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia on a monthly basis.


On July 25th of 2019 National Statistics Office of Georgia (GeoStat) became 100 years old. In connection with anniversary, GeoStat has been selected companies who actively cooperates with the agency within the years and among the selected terminal was named as one of the best.


Due to above mentioned Kulevi Oil Terminal was awarded a certificate for timely and high-quality provision of information by National Statistics Office of Georgia.


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