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Steam Boiler Operator Training

The steam boiler is a pressurized system used to create steam by applying heat energy to water. However, it has a high potential for disaster, so in order to avoid any serious incidents, it is extremely important to have trained and skilled operators to increase the competence of the steam boiler operators.


Employee training at Black Sea Terminal is a continuous process, and we aim to have a well- trained and efficient staff. As such, a training course was organized for all steam boilers in cooperation with Georgian Technical University. The training was conducted in two sections – a recertification course for employees who are already certified and a training and certification for newly-hired steam boiler operators. 


The main topics of the training course included boiler auxiliaries and operation techniques, modern boiler and water treatment practices, construction and repair methods, definition and calculation of pressure, working with manometers, boiler components, heating and ventilation systems, preparation of fuel line checking and enabling, exploitation of the boiler, stopping and emergency stopping of boiler, and possible disorders while working with the boilers.


The main aim for providing this training was to educate the steam boiler operators for efficiency, safety and compliance, as well-trained boiler operators are critical to ensure a safe and efficient operating environment.  At end of each training session, assessments were conducted on all the employees that successfully completed the training.

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