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(ISM Code) International Safety Management Training

The International Safety Management (ISM Code) is an international standard requirement for the safe management and operation of ships and for pollution prevention. As Black Sea Terminal always makes sure that it maintains all necessary international standard requirements for its employees, an ISM code training course was organized for the employees of various departments. The main aim of the training course was to ensure safety at sea, prevent human injury or loss of life and avoid damage to the environment with a focus on the marine environment and on the property.  



Fuel for kindergarten

Black Sea Terminal recognizes its social responsibility. The company’s existence is part of a much bigger system consisting of people, organizations, values and nature. Therefore, in many ways, we want to give to the world just as much as it gives to us.


The company’s actions concerning its social responsibility fall under two categories – compliance and pro-activeness. Compliance refers to the company’s commitment to legality and its willingness to observe the values of community while conducting its business. Pro-activeness is every initiative we take in order to help the community or environment.




Welder training & certification

The training and certification process is an integral part of Kulevi Oil Terminal.


Recently, in coordination with Welders Society Ltd., one of the leading companies of Georgia, a training certification and recertification program was organized for the welders of Kulevi Oil Terminal. The training covered a wide range of welding types and was followed by a practical session and an assessment. 


The training session stressed the importance of safety and the use of protective gear, which was followed by the session which included the ...




Divers’ safety

Making the workplace safe includes providing instructions, procedures, training, and supervision to encourage people to work safely and responsibly. Even if the safe systems of work have been applied, some hazards might remain and personal protective equipment is needed for reducing the risk.


Working underwater comes with many hazards, as divers face several specific physical and health risks when they work with scuba and diving equipment or use high pressure breathing gas.


The safety of our employees and contractors is of the utmost importance for our company. 



Technical Safety Certificate

Kulevi Oil Terminal is a company that is not only fitted with modern infrastructure, but a company where the issues of safe operation are considered extremely important. As a result of the coordinated actions of the terminal’s management, engineering-technical team, maintenance and safety departments, the design and exploitation of the terminal’s technological systems are carried out at a high-level and in compliance with safety standards and norms.


In 2018 and in accordance with the new requirements of the government of Georgia, BST management has taken the necessary measures to obtain a safety certificate for the terminal. 



Oil Industry Workers Day 2018

Each year since 2001, the 20th of September marks the anniversary of Oil Industry Worker’s Day in Azerbaijan. This honorable day is not only celebrated in Azerbaijan but also in Georgia where a majority of the population is part of the oil industry, in particular SOCAR.


Black Sea Terminal is one of the dignified members of the SOCAR group and plays a significant role in being one of the major contributors to the great family of oil and gas.  



Office facade renovations

Over time, building facades experience distress and deterioration. Much of this wear and tear is caused by weather conditions. Such facades require maintenance from time-to-time, which should be planned in advance.


As such, BST’s administration building underwent facade restoration work, where modern techniques and equipment were used to perform the repairs with a high degree of quality. 



Environmental Monitoring Report for the 2nd Quarter of 2018

According to the agreement between Black Sea Terminal and the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Georgia (MoE), BST is obliged to conduct annual environmental monitoring with the corresponding reporting as per the Environmental Monitoring Scheme.


The Annual Environmental Monitoring Report, which contains all the information pertaining to activities related to environmental protection, must be sent to the MoE by the end of 2nd quarter of the following reporting period of 2018.



BST undertakes quarterly internal audit program

Audit teams at Black Sea Terminal prepared their reports with their corresponding findings, comments and recommendations and presented the reports to BST management for review. In addition, the audit findings were recorded in official company logs for further review during future Action Tracking Meetings.


BST’s internal audit teams consist of certified employees of the terminal. The main goal of the audit process is to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of terminal processes and to check compliance against the international standards that the terminal adheres to.



The Blue Card of the Marian B certificate

Considering the geographic location of Kulevi Oil Terminal, the protection of the environment and the prevention of pollution is one of the most essential issues for our company. The company implements various management methods to achieve its chief goals.  Among them is constantly taking care of the Marian B dredger, which is used for maintaining navigation depths in Kulevi Port and its access channel.


For this reason, it was recently decided to update the Blue Card of the Marian B certificate, issued by the applicable Flag State, certifying that the ship has evidenced 

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