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Black Sea Terminal supports local youth

Along with its business activities, Black Sea Terminal (BST) management takes its corporate and social responsibilities seriously and understands the need for harmonious management and the role of social and cultural development in the surrounding region.  

The company is cognizant of the problems and challenges of local youths in the region and is motivated to help them in their personal development, realization of sports activities and cultural events.    

One of the many projects supported by BST is a local football club whose financial problems have put their future in stake.    



Caring for each employee

Creating a safe work environment is a major priority for the management of Black Sea Terminal (BST). Work in this direction is systemic, regular and continuous. Industrial-technological processes are carried out and infrastructure is developed in accordance with all rules and  requirements of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), which makes workplace safety possible.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company's management has shown great responsibility and effort. The recommendations and regulatory requirements set by the government have been fully implemented. 



Quarterly Environmental Self-Monitoring

According to an agreement between Black Sea Terminal (BST) and the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia (MoE), BST is obliged to conduct environmental monitoring of its facilities and the adjacent areas. The environmental monitoring process is described in the Environmental Monitoring and Measurement scheme approved by the MoE. This monitoring aims to measure, control and mitigate any negative impacts on the environment resulting from the operation of BST Terminal. Environmental monitoring is undertaken quarterly and includes soil and water sampling, noise level and air-quality monitoring at BST sites and adjacent areas.



Technical Inspection of Boiler Chimneys

Steam generating boilers, which address the terminal’s technological and domestic heating requirements, have been operating at Black Sea Terminal (BST) since 2008. Steam boilers are operated in accordance with applicable standards on operations of pressurized vessels and safety rules on the exploitation of steam-generating boilers.


Within the framework of BST’s scheduled technical inspection plan, the boilers are periodically inspected via specialized contractor companies.



Archiving and destroying process of documents at Kulevi Oil Terminal

Document archiving is the process by which paper documents are securely stored for long periods of time. BST Archive has been established for appropriate storing and control of the documentation created in the process of BST activities. The Archive complies with all technical, climatically, illumination, safety and security requirements. Operation of BST Archive is defined by the related procedure, applicable Georgian Legislation and ISO Standards.


BST department’s representatives are responsible to pass documentation to Archive



Kulevi Oil Terminal Supports Jeyran Dance Ensemble

Kulevi Oil Terminal takes great pride in helping improve the education, self-realization and development of Azerbaijani youth. Since 2011, Kulevi Oil Terminal has supported the NNLE Cultural Center of Azerbaijani Youth Residing in Georgia.


NNLE Culture Center of Azerbaijani Youth Residing in Georgia was founded in Tbilisi in 2010 to help Azerbaijani students to study languages, gain experience and be involved in various projects and programs.



Storage Tank Protection Equipment - Breather Valves

The storage tanks need to breathe to eliminate the possibility of rupturing or imploding. This is why the storage tank protection equipment responsible for tank breathing is called Breather Valves.


The Breather Valve is a protection device specifically designed for storage tank protection. The valves prevent the build-up of excessive pressure or vacuum which can unbalance the system or damage the storage tank (rupture or implode).


The regular planned maintenance of the breather valves is very important for effective valve performance. We have performed the planned inspection of the breather valves. 



Joint Site Inspection Program

The Program of Joint Site Inspection of Black Sea Terminal facilities are actively supported by the company management and successfully continues with the involved personnel. It provides guidelines for effective implementation and performance of site inspections by BST personnel. Joint Site Inspection is internal part of Black Sea Terminal’s Safe Operation System and covers all operations and site operated by terminal.


Personnel involved in Joint Site Inspection are responsible for active participation in site inspection processes to ensure compliance with all applicable health, safety and environmental protection norms, standards and procedures within BST facilities. 



Technical Inspection of Storage Tank No15

At Kulevi Oil Terminal inspections of storage tanks are conducted in an organized and systematic manner. Scheduled inspections are planned in advance and, when possible, conducted during scheduled downtime of the storage tanks. Inspections determine whether storage tank and its equipment still conform to the safe parameters of the original design and can be permitted for further exploitation.


This month, scheduled technical inspection of storage tank No15 used for para-xylene was carried out. Purpose of the technical inspection was to determine the condition of Internal floating roof, magnesium cathodic protectors, bottom and wall sheets of the storage tank.     



The operational and strategic role of HR at the terminal

Kulevi Oil Terminal has a well-managed and functional operational and strategic HR Management to ensure having the right staff with the right skills and knowledge at the right time to complete the work successfully.  This is important as both operational and strategic HR management are two sides of the same entity and it is a necessity for the company to achieve its goals and objectives. 


Operational HR management at the terminal encompasses highly visible, daily tactical operations essential to meet the needs of the company and its employeesencircles functions for employee relations through proper 

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