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Electricians recertification for the second group

Electricians represent a very important link of the maintenance technician group of company operation and so their certification and assessment of competency is considered of utmost importance at Kulevi Oil Terminal.


Previously and always electricians have been certified after regular classroom refreshment training and assessment but in the present time remote mode is the preference and consideration to follow the rules and regulations implemented by the government not to organize regular classroom training. So for this second group of electrician employees, recertification was conducted remotely and online in coordination with Technical University.



Happy 2021!

2020 has come to end. It was another important year for each and every person employed at Black Sea Terminal (BST). The results achieved during this period give us reason to be proud: the company has successfully achieved its goals and objectives and has utilized its opportunity to cooperate with international customers and fulfill all required services.


Additionally, the contribution Black Sea Terminal has made to the country's economy is especially important. BST takes pride in the outstanding support it has provided towards the development of sports and culture



Corporate Social Responsibility at Black Sea Terminal

Black Sea Terminal (BST), which deals in the business of oil and oil products, places a strong emphasis on corporate social responsibility issues.


Within the framework of social responsibility, BST carried out several charitable actions during December 2020. The company provided financial assistance to a nursing home and helped them solve a specific problem, which in turn allowed the nursing home administration offer a higher level of patient care to residents. In addition, BST employees donated books, various gifts, sweets and food products to the 



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