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Training course in contract management and administrative skills

As part of a training and development plan for its employees, Kulevi Oil Terminal organized a training session in contract management and administrative skills.


With contract forms being the foundation for all business relations and contract management being a process that enables both parties involved in the contract to meet their obligations in order to deliver the objectives required by the contract, this training is a necessity – especially for the BST employees, who must refresh and receive additional knowledge in contract management.




Task Risk Assessment

Any work undertaken at Black Sea Terminal (BST) is commenced under a Risk Assessment. It is mandatory to ensure that all hazards associated with any activities are identified and that the risks are assessed and managed.


The responsibilities of the people carrying out the work are as follows:


  • Understand the hazards, risks and controls associated with the task
  • Participate and contribute in the Tool Box Talk (TBT)
  • Actively monitor the worksite and surroundings for changes
  • Stop the job at any time, if they are concerned about safety



Commissioning and testing of internal storage tank floating roofs

In order to significantly reduce the emission of light hydrocarbons into the atmosphere and correspondingly reduce product loss, the management of Black Sea Terminal has decided to equip their storage tanks with pontoons, or so-called internal floating roofs.


From January 2018, four sets of such pontoons were purchased and delivered to BST for installation in the light oil storage tanks of numbers 15, 17, 20 and 22.


Currently, the installation work and commissioning of the internal floating roofs have been completed. The tests were carried out with the participation of the representatives of the installation company.



Kulevi Oil Terminal Operations