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Electricians certification and recertification

Electricians are skilled tradespersons who should be specialized in handling and working on all electrical components including electrical wiring, machinery, maintenance and the repair of electrical infrastructure and electrical cabling. As such, it is compulsory that these individuals have a valid electrician’s certificate and license.


Considering the importance of certifications, Kulevi Oil Terminal, in co-operation with Georgian Technical University, organized refreshment training for all electricians working at the terminal.  The training course included lectures, group discussions an interim assessment, as well as a final assessment.



PTW for safe work control

Performing maintenance work in a safe environment is crucial in the operation of oil terminals. All maintenance work is associated with some level of risk that could result in a major accident. Therefore, all activities have to be performed under operational controls. One of the main operational controls that have been implemented within the oil industry is the permit to work (PTW) system. The PTW system is an effective tool in the safe control of maintenance work and takes into consideration several important issues, including hazard identification and risk assessment, isolation standards and methods, communication and cooperation




Breather Valve Maintenance

The Breather Valve is a protection device specifically designed for storage tank protection. The valves prevent the build-up of excessive pressure or vacuum, which can unbalance the system or damage the storage tank (rupture or implode). In short, the tank needs to breathe in order to eliminate the possibility of rupturing or imploding – hence why it is referred to as the Breather Valve.


It is important to regularly inspect the breather valve for the most effective valve performance. As part of Black Sea Terminal’s Planned Maintenance System, the inspection of the breather valves is performed via a maintenance program created in compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. 



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