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Holidays of national dignity

For a progressive-minded society in the world, it has always been and is invaluable to one's own homeland, the country's independence, sovereignty and the opportunity for free development. Our ancestors have struggled for centuries to implement these values and ideas, and have passed on the fighting spirit to future generations. The struggle of the heroes did not go unnoticed: on May 26 of 1918 year, the National Council of Georgia adopted the Act of Independence of Georgia in Tbilisi, and in just a couple of days - on May 28, 1918, the National Council of Azerbaijan established the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan.




Kulevi Oil Temrinal is celebrating its 12th Anniversary of commissioning

The years passed have been a period of tireless work of the professional team of the employees through their teamwork and the period of realization of the goals and victories.


Yes, it was difficult to develop a new facility with a new powerful infrastructure next to several well-known ports and oil terminals on the Black Sea coast and establish an important place in the international arena. However, the team of professionals of the “Black Sea Terminal” LLC successfully paved its way and was able to fully achieve the set goals. 




Azerbaijan marks the 97th birthday of The National Leader - Heydar Aliyev

The National leader Heydar Aliyev devoted his whole life to the prosperity and well-being of his nation. A talented politician and public figure, he demonstrated his ability as a national leader and became a legend even when he was alive. The national leader has done unparalleled works for his nation during his ruling over the country during the Soviet period and as the president of independent Azerbaijan.


Heydar Aliyev, who assumed the leadership of the country during the most difficult of times at the request of his nation, gave great confidence to the people and laid the foundation for a country with the strong economic development.



Kulevi Oil Terminal Operations