A laboratory used for quality control purposes is intended for the chemical and physical analyses of petroleum products, the incoming quality control of oil and oil products, and carries out the following activities:

  • Performs acceptance and routine analyses of petroleum products to verify compliance with regulatory quality requirements;
  • provides background information on the quality of petroleum products;
  • provides qualified sampling;
  • conducts periodic monitoring of the quality of oil and oil products in storage tanks;
  • conducts daily quality control of drinking water;
  • conducts daily quality control of the technical water.


Oil and oil products are analyzed for the following indicators:

  • Determination of the density of petroleum products;
  • Analysis of the fractional composition of oil and oil products;
  • Determination of sulfur content;
  • Determination of water, solids and salts;
  • Determination of the flash point of oil and oil products;
  • Determination of the distillation temperature;
  • Identification of low-pour point temperature;
  • Determination of the viscosity of oil and oil products.


Surveyors appointed by clients, have been provided with space in Black Sea Terminal Laboratory for the acceptance and quality control analysis of oil and oil products.


The laboratory conducts periodical testing of the drinking and industrial water as per the following indicators:

  • Hardness
  • pH value of the water
  • chlorine content of the water (residual , total and combined )
  • ammonia
  • nitrates
  • iron
  • concentration of the NaCL solution
  • permanganate oxidation of water


The general chemical and microbiological analysis of the drinking water is conducted by a specialized third-party laboratory.


The laboratory is provided with all the necessary equipment to perform the assigned tasks. Analysis is carried out by the qualified personnel of the Black Sea Terminal and surveyor companies.




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