BLACK SEA TERMINAL LLC (BST)receives oil and oil products from rail tank cars for temporary storage and further loading to sea tankers. The company is committed to creating the best value for our customers by delivering the most reliable, cost-effective and efficient services.


We are committedto the continual improvement of our Quality Management System (QMS) and market leadership. We believe that effective management is the basis for long term profitability and the continued growth of BST.


We constantly aspire to improve our services in order to achieve higher customer satisfaction and to meet their requirements and expectations. We always deliver quality services to our customers, on-time and every time.


The company management is also committed to complying with all legal and other requirements.


Measurable company objectives will be established for our services, which will be subject to periodic reviews of effectiveness of QMS Policy implementation.


Management commits the resources and creates an environment, where each employee can contribute their skills, talents and ideas to a continuous process of improvement.




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