Ramadan charity

Ramadan Bayram is one of the most important muslim holidays. It is a celebration of love, spiritual strength and understanding; an opportunity to cleanse one’s soul after a month of fasting, and a reminder to forgive and forget all the bad things and help the needy so that the goodness of Allah shines upon you.


Traditionally, during this holiday, the company’s management takes part in charitable actions. This year we joined charitable campaign organized by AZEBI - Azerbaijani Business Association Georgia and with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Georgia more than 300 low-income families, as well as families of martyrs, children with mental and physical disabilities were presented holiday gifts. Demonstration of support for all those people in need, who find it a challenge to endure the difficulties of life and who are suffering, giving a helping hand to those who are in distress due to illness - is one of the main rules during Ramadan.


Once again we congratulate all people celebrating Ramadan and wish you peace and inner strength, patience and health.


Ramadan Bayramınız Mübarək Olsun! 

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