Archiving and destroying process of documents at Kulevi Oil Terminal

Document archiving is the process by which paper documents are securely stored for long periods of time. BST Archive has been established for appropriate storing and control of the documentation created in the process of BST activities. The Archive complies with all technical, climatically, illumination, safety and security requirements. Operation of BST Archive is defined by the related procedure, applicable Georgian Legislation and ISO Standards.


BST department’s representatives are responsible to pass documentation to Archive as soon as their archiving time came. All documentation is being sent to archiving keeping in folders, which are properly named. If the documentation cannot be gathered into the folders, it is putting in carton boxes, which is labeled as well. On the base of provided information document control officer has to prepare Act of Document Consign into the BST Archive and it should signed by responsible persons.


The Archivist (DCO) is responsible for labeling the Archive boards and maintaining the Archive Index and Archive Journal.


Document archiving is securely storing information that you no longer use regularly.

Archiving process is important because it:

1)    stops you losing data

2)    ensures only the right people can access the right documents

3)    keeps documents organised and easy to access

4)    saves valuable storage space in your office.


Upon completion of archiving period, all records are being destroyed after getting approval from Process Owner and responsible person for archive. The method of destroying records: a) through shredder; b) burning in the licensed facility. Archive documents are being destroyed in a secure and environmentally friendly manner. Document Destroying Act filling in and signed by the special commission, requester and DCO. Act includes the list of documents destroyed with brief description of such documents. As well environmental requirements are being taken into consideration during destroying process.


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