Technical Inspection of Storage Tank No15

At Kulevi Oil Terminal inspections of storage tanks are conducted in an organized and systematic manner. Scheduled inspections are planned in advance and, when possible, conducted during scheduled downtime of the storage tanks. Inspections determine whether storage tank and its equipment still conform to the safe parameters of the original design and can be permitted for further exploitation.


This month, scheduled technical inspection of storage tank No15 used for para-xylene was carried out. Purpose of the technical inspection was to determine the condition of Internal floating roof, magnesium cathodic protectors, bottom and wall sheets of the storage tank.     


During the technical inspection visual and ultrasonic NDT techniques were applied. Aluminum Internal flooding roof (IFR), valves and control devices of storage tank were inspected visually. Ultrasonic technique was applied in order to determine the thickness of steel sheets of wall and bottom of storage tank and to calculate the annual corrosion rates.


The results of technical inspection are positive, in particular, elements of IFR such as sheets, roof frame channel, column shutter, grounding wires, anti-rotation wire, legs, vents and hatches are in good physical condition. Magnesium cathodic protectors are in satisfactory condition and all of them are active. Corrosion rate is acceptable and is equal to 0.01 mm per year for the bottom sheets and 0.05 mm per year for the wall sheets in average.


Based on the results of technical inspection further exploitation of storage tank No15 is permissible.

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