Internship program at the Terminal

As an international company, Black Sea Terminal offers many opportunities for interns, especially those who want to broaden their experience in preparation for an international career. Internships also help to attract the next generation of corporate trailblazers.


The interns hired at BST are from various international universities and educational institutions within the region. After the internship applications are received from universities, the hiring process starts by testing their quality of knowledge on paper followed by a face to face interview. During the interview, candidates who demonstrate initiative, eagerness to learn, the willingness to work hard, and leadership potential are given the priority.


Once the interns are selected, a reception is held for them. During the reception they are introduced to BST’s corporate culture and they learn about BST policies. In addition, they are also familiarized with the intern program which is prepared individually for each individual based on the department or team they will be working with. They are also assigned a supervisor to whom the intern will report to.  They are given a quality work opportunity so that they can make meaningful contributions to the company through their innovative ideas and deliverables. Throughout their term at the terminal, it is ensured that they are encouraged to view their future career as a journey and make the most of the experience they received. On completion of the internship period, each intern is evaluated, and a detailed report is prepared highlighting their accomplishments during their tenure and this could be used for future considerations for any suitable positions arising in the company. 


By the end of the internship period they will have gained top of the line experience, have been able to work and learn from experts within the company and developed their knowledge in a unique culture. At Black Sea Terminal the internship program is considered an excellent way to gain a competitive advantage on the job market.


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