LPG Loading/Offloading Operations training

LPG or liquefied petroleum gas loading/unloading operations are considered a dangerous operation, especially during LPG transfer operations. Considering the risks associated with the handling of LPG, Kulevi Oil Terminal arranges refresher training courses for the employees working in LPG division at frequent intervals. 


The training course is organized into theoretical and practical sessions to ensure that employees gain a deeper knowledge of the subject and follow all the safety measures associated with the process.   During the training course, employees are familiarized with the properties and hazards of LPG, the latest advances and procedures in cargo transfer operations from both a liquid and gas ship management and terminal facility perspective, the performing of basic pre-use checks, as well as a wide range of other technical-safety aspects to the loading and unloading process.


At the end of the course, a thorough assessment is conducted to measure the employees’ understanding and knowledge based on which they are certified to work in LPG. 


In addition to the compliance aspects, the goal of this training course is to ensure that each participant has a detailed understanding of the safe use of LPG and associated equipment, as well as the specific hazards associated with it. Black Sea Terminal always complies with its obligations to train its staff – especially those whose jobs put them at risk of injury. BST aims to provide a safe working environment for all of its employees.

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