The Price of Peace

Victory Day is celebrated annually all of over the world on May 9. This day is celebrated on behalf of the memory of those who have lost their life but defeated the black plague of the twentieth century. The people of Azerbaijan and Georgia played a significant role in the fight towards victory.  


As we celebrate the 74th anniversary of the victory against the German fascist, it is very important to remember the heroes of the war who lost their lives and to pay our respects to their memories.  


This year, representatives of Black Sea Terminal paid tribute to our fallen heroes and laid flowers in honor of the war victims in the Khobi Municipality. Gifts and other presents were also awarded to the last of the veterans from the war. Mr. Kapiton Tskhadaia, graciously thanked our company and emphasized how society should continue to appreciate the price that was paid by our veterans in order to enjoy peace.


We hope and believe that twenty-first century society will avoid future world conflicts so that we may all live in peace, harmony and prosperity in the decades to come.


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