The occupation of Shusha

May 8 marked the 27th anniversary of the Susha tragedy.


Though years have passed, Azerbaijanis cannot forget the pain they have suffered on this day.  It is the responsibility of each person to respect the memory of those who died in the Susha tragedy and once again recall the events that shook the life of the peace-loving people of Azerbaijan, making an indelible mark in their minds.


On May 8, 2019, the employees of Black Sea Terminal organized a photo exhibition titled “Susha: Before and After the Occupation”, which was dedicated to the people of Susha, recalling the tragic events of that fateful day. BST employees also had an opportunity to watch a documentary film made by an Azerbaijani filmmaker dedicated to the memory of this day. This was an opportunity for the employees to once again recall this historical event, as well as get a sense of the occupation in the aftermath. It was also an opportunity join the spirit of the Azeri people – especially the people of the Susha region.


It is necessary for today’s society to be more active in the fight for peace and to help those wounded in the war to heal and return to their homeland – the honored city of Susha.

The Azerbaijani nation eagerly awaits the day when peace will be restored in this region of the South Caucasus. 

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