Holiday joy and support

Nowruz – the welcoming of the New Year, the vernal equinox, the awakening of nature, and a victory celebration of life-giving forces. It also has great significance related to the spiritual culture of the world, symbolizing renewal, prosperity goodwill and hope for the future.

It also symbolizes renewal, success and happiness in family, which is why this celebration is always accompanied with enormous positive energy and a bright future.


As always, each and every employee of our multicultural team at Black Sea Terminal shares this joy, warmth, and hope in a better future that is associated with Nowruz Bayram. On this day of celebration, every member of the BST family is acquainted with the significance, essence and tradition related to this holiday and each year BST management congratulates their employees on this day by providing them a special festive lunch. 


It is also pleasure to mention the charity activities managed by the company during this time.  Especially worth mentioning is the financial support provided to the beneficiaries of the NNLE Azerbaijani Council of elders of Georgia. They and their family members expressed their gratitude for the greater support and for the opportunity they have received, which has helped them overcome their problems – mainly among the elderly and disabled members.  They were provided food, sweets, medicine and essentials for their day to day needs.


On this occasion of Nowruz Bayram, Black Sea Terminal would like to congratulate all Azerbaijani citizens and wish them great success in their personal and professional life, as well as the development of their country. Let the joy of this holiday bring warmth and positive changes in the life of each and every person.


The ethnic and cultural diversity of Azerbaijan and Georgia is their main wealth, and this diversity strengthens and unites these two people.


Nowruz Bayram Mubarak!


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