Asset integrity management

Black Sea Terminal observes the highest international standards. Many technologically advanced devices and pieces of equipment are used in the terminal’s technological processes. It is important to regularly inspect the devices and equipment for the most effective performance and integrity management.


Though equipment inspection and maintenance, our highly qualified personnel help to prevent equipment failure. This regime also helps to eliminate any problems with the terminal’s devices and equipment at an early stage of a failure, which could pose a threat to terminal operations.


Black Sea Terminal has been taking suitable proactive measures through the efficient planning and scheduling of maintenance activities to ensure and safeguard the continuity of operations. As each year passes, this process is becoming more inclusive, taking into consideration the experience and lessons learned from previous years and best practices. Black Sea Terminal has successfully developed and dynamically improved maintenance efficiency to achieve the company’s objectives and goals. We maintain an acceptable level of equipment health and performance for the entire period of terminal operations, which plays a key role in ensuring a high index of asset reliability and availability.


Every employee of Black Sea Terminal is motivated to develop themselves and become a more skilled and experienced professional. Job-specific refresher training is conducted on a regular basis for our skilled technicians to increase their competence and the plant reliability and to assure the required level of personnel qualification. The current Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system provides the opportunity for effective planning of maintenance resources and helps to decrease the amount of unplanned maintenance work, backlogs and helps to increase the overall maintenance efficiency. Our highly skilled personnel ensure the continuity of operations, which is of high importance for Black Sea Terminal.

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