27 years since the Khojaly massacre

On February 26, all the Azerbaijanis from all over the world will pay homage to the memories of those killed in the city of Khojaly twenty-seven years ago. This genocide of the Azerbaijani people is one of the worst massacres recorded in history.


Besides claiming 613 innocent lives, about 25 children lost one of their parents and 130 others were completely deprived of their parents in the wake of this ethnic cleansing.


The genocide in Khojaly was not only perpetuated against the Azerbaijani people, but it was also a crime against humanity. This was an act which aimed to destroy people on ethnic grounds and is considered a breach of international law.


On this 27th anniversary of the massacre, millions of people inside and outside of Azerbaijan will honor the genocide victims' memories and this bloody page of Azerbaijan's history will be shared with future generations.


In observance of this terrible day, a photo exhibition was held for our employees, reminding us of the brutality that took place on this frightful day 27 years ago.


Kulevi Oil Terminal employees took part in the prayer ceremony dedicated to 27th anniversary of the Khojaly tragedy. The event was organized by the General Consulate of the Azerbaijan Republic in Batumi.

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