Planned Maintenance of M/V “Marian B”

Kulevi Port Access channel needs to be dredged for the purpose of providing appropriate water depth for large vessels to pass.


The dredger “MARIAN B” (a self-propelled and self-dumping dredger with length – 77 m, width – 12.9 m, maximum draft – 6.2 m, the hold with capacity 1700 m3, equipped with two suction pipes with excavating depth – 16 m and performance – 1600 m3 per hour, ensures maintenance of depth for tankers with DWT 100 000 t.) has successfully been operating in Kulevi port since 2005 year.


Kulevi Oil Terminal constantly takes care of the dredger’s technical condition. That’s why we signed a contract with reliable company for the purpose of docking and repairing works to be carried out on the vessel “Marian B”.


Dry docking works will be conducted in February which includes cleaning of freeboard and bulwark, hull treatment, replacement of anodes, etc.


Good working condition of the vessel will help the company maintain its safe and prolific operational processes.

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