Predictive maintenance at Black Sea Terminal

The maintenance organization can be viewed as one of the most integral aspects of the maintenance management system at Black Sea Terminal, a company that has successfully managed to develop and dynamically improve maintenance efficiency to achieve the objectives and goals of Maintenance Department. The Maintenance Department maintains the terminal’s equipment performance for the entire period of its operation, and high-quality preventive maintenance plays a key role in increasing the asset reliability and availability of Black Sea Terminal.


Job-specific refresher training courses are conducted on a regular basis for our skilled technicians in order to increase their competence and plant reliability and to assure our personnel’s qualifications. The current Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system provides for the effective planning of maintenance resources and helps to decrease the amount of unplanned work, backlogs that take place. The software also increases overall maintenance efficiency.


The Maintenance Department develops and maintains short-term and long-term preventive maintenance schedules and programs for operating efficiency in line with operational context, inclusive of manpower development, personnel training, resource allocation, prioritization, department budget and sets its goals for future improvements and achievements to identify and eliminate any performance gaps in a timely manner, which may be impede the progress of maintenance development. Black Sea Terminal maintenance management employs the proactive approach rather than a reactive approach, which aids in maintaining the continuity of operations.


Another very important aspect of the maintenance program is predictive maintenance, part of which is Condition Monitoring. It is basically the application of condition-based monitoring technologies using various predictive tools like:


·         Vibration analysis

·         Infrared images (thermography)

·         UT inspection

·         Oil Analysis

·         Shaft Alignment


Even the best preventive maintenance program cannot stop problems that develop in equipment or systems, but condition monitoring puts us in a position where we can eliminate any developing faults in a timely fashion.


The purpose of the predictive maintenance program is to monitor our equipment’s health by controlling performance for early detection and the elimination of problems that could lead to a breakdown resulting in unplanned downtime or unnecessary expenditures.


As a result of the effective implementation of the predictive maintenance program and integrating it with our preventive maintenance system, Black Sea Terminal LLC significantly:


·         Decreased the unscheduled downtime of assets

·         Increased manpower utilization

·         Reduced maintenance expenditures

·         Increased the useful life of our assets


Continuity of operations is of high importance for Black Sea Terminal LLC, so we never stop on achieved goals and continuously seek new ways for an improvement.

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