Electricians certification and recertification

Electricians are skilled tradespersons who should be specialized in handling and working on all electrical components including electrical wiring, machinery, maintenance and the repair of electrical infrastructure and electrical cabling. As such, it is compulsory that these individuals have a valid electrician’s certificate and license.


Considering the importance of certifications, Kulevi Oil Terminal, in co-operation with Georgian Technical University, organized refreshment training for all electricians working at the terminal.  The training course included lectures, group discussions an interim assessment, as well as a final assessment.


Trainees were once again familiarized with electricity and its dangers, the working of electricity, terminology, associated trauma’s, electric shock, electrical hazards, working on high voltage lines, use of proper cables and wires, earthing, circuit-breakers, electrical threats, ensuring a safe work place, working in damp environments, personal protection equipment, emergency medical assistance in case of shock and so on.  At the end of training session, an online assessment was conducted for the trainees. All of them completed the assessment with high grades and was accordingly certified in the IV and IV categories.


The main aim in providing this training was to ensure that all employees were up-to-date on their skills and theory as it pertains to working with electricity. 

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