PTW for safe work control

Performing maintenance work in a safe environment is crucial in the operation of oil terminals. All maintenance work is associated with some level of risk that could result in a major accident. Therefore, all activities have to be performed under operational controls. One of the main operational controls that have been implemented within the oil industry is the permit to work (PTW) system. The PTW system is an effective tool in the safe control of maintenance work and takes into consideration several important issues, including hazard identification and risk assessment, isolation standards and methods, communication and cooperation between operation and maintenance personnel, scheduled planning of maintenance work within process areas and engineering input for risk minimization. The permit to work system has been implemented and continuously improved at Black Sea Terminal since 2008. For the effective implementation of the system, terminal management has ensured the preparation of the necessary Safe Operating System Procedures and the achievement of the required level of competence by all employees involved in the day-to-day management of the PTW System. 


It is worth noting that in total, 2,362 work permits were issued in 2017, which has contributed to the safe and controlled performance of all maintenance and construction work within the terminal facilities. It should also be emphasized that there has been no serious incidents recorded during the performance of work undertaken using 444 permits to work with an open flame, 375 permits to work in non-hazardous areas, 1,543 permits to work in hazardous areas and 1,506 formal procedure. All permits have been supported with supplementary certificates for Energy Isolation, Confined Space Entry, Excavation Clearance and Task Risk Assessments, and in 2017, 688 Isolation Confirmation Certificates, 147 Confined Space Entry Certificates, 36 Excavation Clearance Certificates and 304 additional Task Risk Assessments were issued.


To ensure proper planning of maintenance work and cooperation within the Permit to Work system, all permits are discussed, given a risk assessment and agreed to by the appropriate authorities prior to final approval during the daily PTW meetings.


Terminal management has also implemented an audit system whereby live permits are periodically audited to identify cases of non-compliance, analyze gaps and employ corrective measures, which contributes to the continual improvement of the terminal’s work control system. 


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