Breather Valve Maintenance

The Breather Valve is a protection device specifically designed for storage tank protection. The valves prevent the build-up of excessive pressure or vacuum, which can unbalance the system or damage the storage tank (rupture or implode). In short, the tank needs to breathe in order to eliminate the possibility of rupturing or imploding – hence why it is referred to as the Breather Valve.


It is important to regularly inspect the breather valve for the most effective valve performance. As part of Black Sea Terminal’s Planned Maintenance System, the inspection of the breather valves is performed via a maintenance program created in compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. A step-by-step procedure inspection of the breather valve by highly-qualified personnel ensures the prevention of excessive pressure/vacuum build-up inside the storage tank. If there is the potential for valve failure, the proper maintenance program helps to reveal any issues with the device and eliminate the problem at an early stage. In addition, the maintenance program is continuously monitored and analyzed to reveal any deficiencies to ensure that maintenance work is undertaken.

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