Kulevi Oil Terminal sponsoring the football club

Charities carried out by our company are quite diverse and numerous, including various social, cultural, educational and sports projects. Particular attention is paid to the interests of young people and the solutions of their problems, as well as their support, in order to enable them to engage in social activities and live a healthy lifestyle.


The local population says with great warmth that Black Sea Terminal management never ignores problems or positive events that occur within the municipality. Kulevi Oil Terminal has not betrayed this tradition. That’s why the company decided to take on the social responsibility to sponsor the Khobi Municipality football club during the season. With this decision, local youths were very happy because they were motivated to reach their goals. This fact was followed by a large response from the population. In return for the kindness demonstrated the management of the football club placed the SOCAR – Black Sea Terminal advertising banners at the playing field, thus, the attendants of the football matches were able to raise awareness about our company, create a positive mind and learn more.


Company management will continue to carry out similar activities and support various projects within the limits of the initiative.

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