Batumi High Maritime Engineering School Training

As part of its training and certification program for its employees and contract employees, Kulevi Oil Terminal organized training courses in the prevention of fires and breathing apparatus, mooring/unmooring operation of vessels, combating oil spills and oil products and courses pertaining to working with air pressure compressors.


The main purpose of these training courses were to familiarize and train the participants in the handling of emergency situations in case of fire, working on mooring appliances and its safety techniques, combating against oil spill and avoiding pollution due to oil spill. The last training course covered all essential topics needed for rescue personnel to gain a better understanding of the uses and functions of high-pressure air cylinders.


The training course was conducted by trained and experienced trainers from the Batumi High Maritime Engineering School at our terminal.  All four training courses included classroom and practical sessions with an assessment conducted at the end of each training session. All the participants completed all of the training sessions successfully and were awarded with certificates.


At Kulevi Oil Terminal these training courses are organized to assist its employees in carrying out their duties in a safe and efficient manner, which also provides them an opportunity to improve their overall capabilities and knowledge.                    

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