Congratulations on Kurban Bayram

Today, Muslims celebrate Kurban Bayram, one of the biggest holidays in the entire Islamic world.

Kurban Bayram is one of the most beautiful celebrations of peace, caring and victory over evil.


This holiday is all about charity and community. During this holiday a goat or sheep, sometimes even a bull is sacrificed and, as a rule, divided among seven people. The meat is then given to the poor and shared among family members and neighbors. People are constantly on the move visiting family and friends. 

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Overhaul of steam boiler facilities

The steam boiler facility has been operating at Kulevi Oil Terminal since 2008. The facility is equipped with two steam boilers of Finnish production. Steam boilers have an important role in the chain of the terminal’s operational processes and responds 100% to the terminal’s thermal needs, such as the operation of heat exchanger units, heat tracing of technological pipelines and the heating of office facilities and work places. 


Steam boiler equipment is very complex equipment operating amid high temperatures and pressure conditions. 

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Repairs on MARIAN B

Year-round navigation of large-tonnage tankers in Kulevi port substantially depends on the efficiency of the dredger MARIAN B. Since 2005, the vessel has fulfilled the dredging work in Kulevi. Until May 2008, with the help of the MARIAN B, work was undertaken to create an approach channel and the internal harbor of the port. After putting into operation the Kulevi Oil Terminal and the seaport, the dredger has been working to maintain navigational depths in the port water area, the total area of ​​which is about 770,000 m2.

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Service of fire-fighting and emergency response equipment

In order to ensure the proper working condition and constant aviability of fire-fighting and Emergency Reponse equipment, planned service work is being organized and conducted regurarly.


Based on the equipment’s operation manual, there are daily, weekly, monthly and annual service work that needs to be conducted. Daily and monthly service is carried out on the terminal using the terminal’s own resources. Annual maintenance is carried out by a specialized company that has the relevent licenses and certificates for the implementation of these services. 

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Kulevi Oil Terminal plants trees in Borjomi National Park

As a company committed to the environment, Black Sea Terminal is aware of its responsibility to protect environment and secure natural resources for future generations. But sometimes the protection fails and you have to develop new resources and contribute to green projects. 


Kulevi Oil Terminal is situated in the vicinity of an ecologically unique area – the Kolkheti National Park – which is under the protection of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance.

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About dredging works

When choosing a location for the construction of a sea port, preference is given to a deep-sea natural bay. However, due to the absence of a natural bay in the coastal zone of the Kolkheti lowland, and taking into account the great importance of the construction of a new marine oil terminal for the Georgian economy and the whole region, in agreement with all interested international, governmental and non-governmental organizations, it was decided to build an oil terminal with a sea port in the village of Kulevi, in the Khobi District, at the mouth of the Khobistskali River.


The terminal infrastructure and port facilities were built on the left bank of the river. The inner harbor was formed by the artificial expansion and deepening of the river mouth. 

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The role of metrology at Black Sea Terminal

As defined by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM), Metrology is "the science of measurement, embracing both experimental and theoretical determinations at any level of uncertainty in any field of science and technology."


The role of metrology is significant for industries, science, communications, healthcare and so on. It ensures that the measuring instruments work properly and that the measurements are correct, stable, comparable and coherent. There are hundreds of measuring instruments at our terminal and their correct readingis crucial. Some measuring instruments such as pressure gauges or transmitters, have critical importance in terms of ensuring a safe working environment. 

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Electrical Safety for Non-electrical Personnel

At Black Sea Terminal, workplace safety is a priority. It is of the utmost importancethat all measures are taken to ensure the safety of its employees. So on behalf of the hazard safety program, a training course was organized for non-electrical personnel including employees, contractor company employees and physical persons.


Electricity being an essential and unavoidable part of the high-tech, fast-paced, demanding life in our modern society and being used all day and night, it is to be noted that everyone takes it for granted and likely forgets the dangers associated with it. This particular training course was organized to create awareness in handling electricity and all things related to electricity in the workplace.

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New Administration and Visitors Center of Kobuleti and Kintrishi Protected Areas

Kulevi Oil Terminal has been financing the Kolkheti Protected Areas Development Fund since 2008. The fundwas established together by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia and Kulevi Oil Terminal.


The financial resources of the fund are directed towards infrastructure development, restoration, rehabilitation, monitoring and research work in Kolkheti National Park, Kobuleti Strict Nature Reserve and Kobuleti Managed Reserve.


Recently, a new administration and visitors center was built with the support of the Kolkheti Protected Areas Development Fund. 

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Kulevi Oil Terminal sponsors ‘Believe Charity Gala’ reception

Black Sea Terminal has always been actively involved in cultural, educational and charitable activities in the region. The Believe Foundation is one of the largest charitable organizations in the South Caucasus, and one that is supported by Kulevi Oil Terminal since its founding in 2014. This cultural, educational and charitable organization was established to support the integration of socially vulnerable families and people with disabilities into society.


This year, Black Sea Terminal sponsored a Charity Gala event organized by the Believe Foundationat theHilton Batumi Hotel.

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