Kulevi Port receives 2,100th tanker

Kulevi port received, loaded and dispatched its 2,100 th tanker.


Kulevi Oil Terminal and port started its operation on May 16, 2008, and it took less than a month to receive the first tanker.


Throughout nine years of successful operations, Kulevi Port has advanced its general infrastructure to a level that can efficiently respond to the needs of any company. The port’s progress has been noticeable, as its capacity has increased, as well as the growing share of operations, including the acceptance, loading and dispatch of tankers. The general director of Black Sea Terminal and the whole staff of port management put their maximum effort into ensuring the constant development of the port, and have ensured its future success.

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9 years of prosperous operations

May 16, 2008, is one of the most important days in Kulevi Oil Terminal history. Nine years ago it was on this particular day that Black Sea Terminal started its operation in with a grand ceremony attended by official representatives from Georgia and Azerbaijan, as well as many senior officials of the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic.


Moving towards the 10th Anniversary of its opening, the terminal has achieved much, and won a number of awards and recognitions. BST has been able to implement a number of projects and ...

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Heydar Aliyev - National leader

Today Azerbaijan celebrates the 94th birthday of its national leader - Heydar Aliyev.


Over the years, Aliyev was able to establish an independent Azerbaijan and laid the foundation for a modern and developed country. In addition, the rebirth of the people of Azerbaijan in all fields of public, political, economic and cultural life is linked to his name.

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9 May - Victory Day

The World War II was truly global (over 100 million people from 30 countries were involved in the conflict) and the deadliest war in human history, resulting in an estimated 50 to 85 million human losses worldwide. So when the treaty for the unconditional surrender by Nazi Germany was signed, the 9th of May was declared as the day of Victory over Fascism and has been celebrated by the civilized world ever since. The day commemorates the people who took part in the conflict and made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. 

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The pain and hope of Shusha

Twenty-five years ago on May 8, 1992, Azerbaijan's beautiful and ancient town of Shusha was occupied by the Armenian Armed Forces.


Until that day, Shusha was the cultural center and capital of the historical Karabakh region. It was a city that was known with for historical monuments, Azerbaijani music and poetry; it was also referred to as the "Conservatory of the Caucasus".


On May 8, the 25th anniversary of the Shusha tragedy, Black Sea Terminal organized a film presentation which ...

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Training course on supply chain management

Every oil and gas company aims at achieving optimum exploration, production and efficient processing. And so it is crucial for the company to manage and oversee their supply chain activities in the most effective manner possible in order to reduce the cost, as well as to enhance and guarantee efficient operations in every stream of oil and gas. To stay ahead of the competition, efficiency in the purchase and supply chain management is not an option but a priority.


An effective supply chain management can impact virtually all business processes, which lead to continuous improvements in areas like data accuracy, reductions in operational complexity, supplier selection, purchasing, warehousing, and distribution.

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Maintenance management efficiency

The Maintenance Management System at Black Sea Terminal has successfully managed to develop and dynamically improve maintenance efficiency. The Maintenance Department has maintained a high level of equipment health and performance for the entire period that the terminal has been in operation. This high-quality preventive maintenance work has played a key role in increasing asset reliability and the availability of Black Sea Terminal. 

Job-specific refresher training courses are conducted on a regular basis for our skilled technicians in order to increase their competence, plant reliability, and to ensure that the required levels of personnel qualifications are maintained. 

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Charity as the noblest tradition

Black Sea Terminal has a tradition of helping and supporting people in need through charitable causes. So this year Black Sea Terminal management visited the food canteen in the Khobi Municipality providing 120 citizens in need with food, sweets and fruits.

BST believes that charitable giving is noble cause. The company will continue its charitable work in the future and provide help to the people within our society who need it most.


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Induction Training for new employees

Induction training is both vital and necessary for any new employee who joins a new organization. Such training ensures that the new employee settles quickly and comfortably into the productive role they are entrusted to do.


Black Sea Terminal always makes sure that this induction training helps employees familiarize themselves with company’s policies, its organizational mission, goals, values, philosophy, dress code, health and safety rules, the job they are required to do, and what is expected of them.


These induction trainings are well-planned and organized by experienced managers or coaches assigned to each department ...

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Basic corrosion management

Corrosion is a destructive natural process that costs the oil and gas industry tens of billions of dollars in lost income and treatment costs every year. Its treatment and mitigation requires the incorporation of a range of interdisciplinary approaches. Considering this, Black Sea Terminal employs experienced and trained personnel to fight and control corrosion, and has implemented a well-developed corrosion management strategy to achieve corrosion control.


Black Sea Terminal recognizes that the effective management of corrosion contributes to the maintenance of asset integrity and optimizes mitigation, monitoring and inspection costs. 

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