Safety observations and reporting

In order to achieve excellent results in safety, every organization should have a process in place to understand the exposure of risk prior to an accident or injury, and to accomplish this there should be a good coaching approach and a good observation framework. However, observing alone is not enough, reporting is also a must, as it is said that “if it is not documented, it didn’t happen.” 

Since the establishment of Black Sea Terminal in 2008, every employee has been assigned a task to submit and report Safety Observation every month to the safety team. This task is assigned because BST considers this as a major task for the well-being of its employee’s and the terminal itself. 

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BST Finance Department employees participate in Georgian Revenue Service Open Door Meeting

The Georgian Revenue Service recently organized an open day meeting in Batumi for the leading companies in the country that are interested in tax legislation. The purpose of this meeting was to increase the awareness level among taxpayers about the newest income tax legislation. Representatives from Black Sea Terminal’s Finance Department also took part in the meeting to familiarize themselves with the new profit tax rules.

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Annual report on dredging works performed in 2016

Kulevi Port is located on the Black Sea coast, in the central part of the Colchis lowland, at the mouth of the Khobistskali River. The approach channel and the inner harbor waters were created artificially in 2005-2007. It was dredged to the depth of 18 meters.


The approach channel is 3,600 meters long and 160 meters wide. The length of the inner harbor waters is 630 meters, and the width is 250-300 meters. There is a turning basin in the approach channel, which was also artificially dredged, and its diameter is 500 meters. All the parameters of the port are designed for receiving and processing vessels of different deadweight including AFRAMAX type tankers. 

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BST Management System: Objectives and Targets

Black Sea Terminal (BST) has a strong sense of responsibility when it comes to business targets and objectives. It is an approach we take often, because injecting your business goals and employee performance objectives into the daily, weekly, and monthly status reports, leads to a greater degree of success. According to the ISO Standard requirements and BST plan, each department prepared a draft version of objectives and targets for the year 2017. The management will discuss and approve these objectives and targets for the following business year.


Such an approach establishes the prospects for further improvement of company’s processes. 

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HSE Safety Representatives

Black Sea Terminal conducted a refresher course focusing on Internal HSE Awareness and Safety Operation Systems for select BST employees. The employees targeted were safety representatives and new members of departments that will be involved and take part in the health, safety, environment and quality management system at BST.


The training covered the company’s main procedures that are part of the management system that has been implemented, maintained and continuously improved in accordance with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.


The employees combine a new role with their direct responsibilities.

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Welcoming the New Year with the young generation

People with opportunities should be kind enough to share and show their concern towards the society around them. Bringing support and happiness to other people’s lives makes our society much more beautiful. 

The employees of Black Sea Terminal decided to join Kulevi Community School in welcoming the New Year and helping make 2017 a more memorable and festive.

A warm welcome was given to the BST employees by the students and teachers of the school, as the celebrations began on a colorful note.


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Happy New Year!

The New Year traditionally is symbolic of a new beginning, the start of something new and each of us is filled with hope for the future. This is an opportunity for each of us to think about a new start, new challenges and goals. 


2016 has been a successful and fruitful year for our company. One of the most important projects and one of the largest investments for Kulevi Oil Terminal is the construction and startup of tank ark №5 and №6. 

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Tax code of Georgia – new regulations

The government of Georgia is introducing a New Tax Code regulation that will go into effect from January 2017. The new regulations will move the traditional model of corporate taxation to the so-called Estonian model or Taxation on Distributed Profits.


So in order for the Finance Department employees of Black Sea Terminal to become familiarized with the new tax regulations, a training course was organized in coordination with E & Y Georgia. 

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INTERTEK Surveillance Audit 2016

In December 2016, external auditors from INTERTEK conducted a recertification audit of Black Sea Terminal’s Integrated Management System.


The main objective of the audit was the evaluation of the compliance of company processes with the requirements of the applied international standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001). The external audit covered all the important operational and auxiliary processes, including service planning and provision, performance and customer satisfaction evaluation, document control, occupational health and safety, as well as environmental management and quality control. 

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Fire warden’s awareness training

Kulevi Oil Terminal has always maintained and updated its employees with knowledge, providing refresher courses to employees often so they can maintain their standards. BST considers training to be an integral part of development. 


Because fire safety awareness is very important for firefighting and fire prevention, the ‘Fire Wardens Awareness Training’ refresher course was organized by BST for all fire warden’s in the various departments. The chief aim of the course was to create awareness and take the necessary action during an emergency situation. This includes evacuation and providing first-aid if required.

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