Transshipment of p-xylene and benzene

On May 7, 2018, representatives of Delta Trans and p-xylene cargo owners, as well as representatives of the Marketing, Operations and Logistics Departments of SOCAR paid a visit to Kulevi Oil Terminal. The purpose of the visit was to get familiarized with the terminal’s technical capabilities and facilities for the transshipment of p-xylene and benzene. The parties discussed the transshipment details of the given products and agreed on further logistic programs.


Most oil-producing countries in the region have performed the modernization of their refineries to increase the depth of oil processing, which helped them to produce more light products from crude oil. 

For its part, the terminal has undertaken the modernization of its existing facilities for the transshipment of hydrocarbons and petrochemicals, which comply with safety norms and industrial standards.

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Tender and procurement issues

Representatives E&Y, one of the largest global audit companies, paid a visit to Kulevi Oil Terminal. The purpose of the visit was to discuss the tender and procurement issues raised by Kulevi Oil Terminal. Another aim of the meeting was to assist in the enhancement of the “Procurement and Tenders Procedure’’ of the terminal, as well as its further improvement and implementation.


During the visit, E&Y Georgia’s representatives met the company’s top management and personnel for the purpose of discussing all the necessary details. The parties exchanged their opinions regarding the matter and agreed to continue the terminal’s renewed procurement and tenders procedures.


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Waste treatment works

Kulevi Oil Terminal recently completed its waste treatment work inside the terminal’s open warehouse area. The work began at the end of December, 2017, and lasted for about four months. As a result of the professional work undertaken by the terminal’s staff, an area of about 3.4 hectares has been cleaned, as more than 140 tons of waste, as well as about 800-900 tons of metal scrap has been removed from the area.


All waste treatment work has been carried out in accordance with the terminal’s Waste Management Plan and all procedures were in compliance with Georgian law and ISO Standards.

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Electrical safety warning signs

A number of accidents occur around the globe that involve electricity, most of which could have been prevented if an electrical safety sign was placed properly. People working with electrical equipment or high voltage tools are therefore required to exercise caution in order to avoid dangerous incidents. Electrical safety signs play an important role in warning people when they are required to be careful around electricity.


Safety signs should be easy to recognize with a clear message and they should warn personnel of the dangers caused by electrical shock. The signs should prevent unauthorized personnel from entering into electrical danger zones. The electrical safety sings are useful in warning personnel of probable danger while working with electricity and prompt them to take the necessary precautions to stay safe.

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Vote for the development of the country

Today on April 11th of 2018, the citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan participated in Presidential elections. Since the active participation in the election of each politician of the Republic of Azerbaijan is very important, the ones that are abroad have also been given this opportunity.


Company management has arranged for citizens Azerbaijan working at Black Sea Terminal in Georgia and the members of their families an opportunity to participate in the election. 

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We remember April 9 Heroes

29 years ago on April 9, 1989, a bloody confrontation took place on the streets of Tbilisi when thousands of citizens stood side-by-side demanding independence from the USSR. The Soviet army, in a bid to crush the movement, mercilessly moved on the crowd of people, injuring hundreds and killing 21.


On March 31, 1991 a referendum was issued regarding the restoration of Georgia’s independence. The Georgian people voted in support of this referendum. Georgia became independent for the second time in its long history.


Georgia has faced many trials and tribulations throughout its history. 

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Happy Easter!

Today on April 08, 2018, the Orthodox Christian world celebrates one of its most important holidays – the resurrection of Jesus Christ. For the Orthodox community, Easter represents a day of joy, hope and reflection.


Great traditions are associated with the Easter celebration. Among them is the tradition of painting eggs in red. However, Easter eggs may be painted in various colors; still the main color is red. Traditionally, people greet each other with Easter cake and eggs painted red on green grass. Green grass is a symbol of new life, and red eggs on green grass means the victory over death.

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100th Anniversary of 1918 March Genocide against the Azerbaijani people

Today, people all over the world are honoring the victims of the March Genocide, as they express hope that such tragedies will be never repeated again.


With grief and sorrow, Kulevi Oil Terminal joins those people who honor and respect the memory of the victims of the genocide along with the hundreds of thousands of Azerbaijani refugees that resulted from this heinous incident.


In 1998, Azerbaijan’s national leader Heydar Aliyev signed a resolution pertaining to the ‘Genocide of Azerbaijanis’ and declared March 31 as a Day of Sorrow. 

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Happy Nowruz

Nowruz Bayram is a day that makes the world a warmer and more attractive place, a day that brings with it renewed energy, a positive mindset and hope for a better future.

For years, it has been a tradition to celebrate Nowruz in Georgia. The holiday has become as important and beautiful for Georgia as other traditional celebrations.


As always, every employee of the Black Sea Terminal shares the joy, warmth, and hope associated with Nowruz Bayram. Traditionally, BST management has congratulated employees on the holiday with a solemn dinner. The company also takes part in charitable events. 

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Appreciating the Women of Black Sea Terminal

In Georgia the very first days of spring - the most beautiful time of the year, provides people a chance to congratulate mothers, sisters and wives and to make them feel loved, valued and beautiful. It is somehow symbolic that the celebration of this holiday coincides with the arrival of spring. Indeed, how nice it is to smell this season; when nature is awaking, when the first flowers appear in the field and society’s mood is changing.


BST adheres to the principle of equal rights and provides opportunities for all employees regardless of sex. 

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