Modernization of the offloading system

Kulevi Oil Terminal will undertake a project that will increase the offloading capacities of trestles № 3 and № 4 by modernizing the existing offloading system. In addition, 3 boilers, the related pipework and facilities, as well as a high voltage transformer substation will be delivered, and cable maintenance will be undertaken.


After the modernization project is completed, the receipt and transshipment of fuel-oil (M-100) originating in Kazakhstan during the winter period will be performed in more smooth and timely manner. 

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Increased Security Measures

The International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code is an amendment to the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention (1974/1988) on minimum security arrangements for ships, ports and government agencies. Having come into force in 2004, it prescribes responsibilities to governments, shipping companies, shipboard personnel, and port/facility personnel to detect security threats and take preventative measures against security incidents affecting ships or port facilities used in international trade.                    


As Kulevi Port is a part of a SOLAS convention and practices ISPS code requirements, security and control issues are one of the main concerns at such strategic facilitieslike ours. Security matters of the facility are always a priority. 

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Anticorrosion protection work

Kulevi Oil Terminal is located directly on the Black Sea coast in a humid subtropical region. Therefore corrosion protection for all structures and equipment is one of the terminal’s main priorities. Anticorrosive measures are important for maintaining the condition and extending the life of the structures and equipment.


Black Sea Terminal management has established a detailed plan for anticorrosion activities. Modern methods and means of anticorrosion protection of BST equipment, process pipelines and storage tanks, have been studied. After processing the visual and ultrasonic inspection data, more detailed method statements are being created. When selecting the methods for undergoing the application of coating materials, EN standards are followed exclusively. 

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Pre-Winter Preparations

Every year Kulevi Oil Terminal holds an annual winter season preparation meeting to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the company’s assets during the cold months. The selection of suitable maintenance tasks that consider many factors – especially an ambient temperature – is of vital importance in this process.


Recently a meeting was held to discuss what actions should be taken as part of this year’s pre-winter preparations. After the meeting, a specific list of actions was compiled and distributed to all relevant personnel, so they could get a head-start on the preparation work to be undertaken.


Black Sea Terminal has been taking proactive measures by efficiently ...

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Monthly Internal Audit process 2017

BST’s internal audit process has thus far been very productive. According to the audit plan for 2017, and the internal audit procedure of Black Sea Terminal, monthly internal audits have already been undertaken in the Transport & Machinery and the HSE/Security Departments.


Audit teams prepared and issued their reports, providing the corresponding findings, comments and recommendation for improvements, and presented them to management for review. In addition, the audit findings were recorded in the corresponding logs for further review at Action Tracking Meetings. 


The internal audit teams consist of certified BST employees. 

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The 24th International Caspian Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference

Kulevi Oil Terminal participated in the largest oil and gas exhibition in the Caspian Sea region which started May 31st in Baku. It is the 24th event of its kind, bringing together 289 companies from 30 countries. The event, organized by the ITE Group and Iteca Caspian LLC, is supported by the Ministry of Energy of Azerbaijan and the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR).


The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev, who traditionally chairs the opening ceremony, congratulated the participants, guests and the organizers of this significant event.

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Kulevi Port receives 2,100th tanker

Kulevi port received, loaded and dispatched its 2,100 th tanker.


Kulevi Oil Terminal and port started its operation on May 16, 2008, and it took less than a month to receive the first tanker.


Throughout nine years of successful operations, Kulevi Port has advanced its general infrastructure to a level that can efficiently respond to the needs of any company. The port’s progress has been noticeable, as its capacity has increased, as well as the growing share of operations, including the acceptance, loading and dispatch of tankers. The general director of Black Sea Terminal and the whole staff of port management put their maximum effort into ensuring the constant development of the port, and have ensured its future success.

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9 years of prosperous operations

May 16, 2008, is one of the most important days in Kulevi Oil Terminal history. Nine years ago it was on this particular day that Black Sea Terminal started its operation in with a grand ceremony attended by official representatives from Georgia and Azerbaijan, as well as many senior officials of the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic.


Moving towards the 10th Anniversary of its opening, the terminal has achieved much, and won a number of awards and recognitions. BST has been able to implement a number of projects and ...

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Heydar Aliyev - National leader

Today Azerbaijan celebrates the 94th birthday of its national leader - Heydar Aliyev.


Over the years, Aliyev was able to establish an independent Azerbaijan and laid the foundation for a modern and developed country. In addition, the rebirth of the people of Azerbaijan in all fields of public, political, economic and cultural life is linked to his name.

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9 May - Victory Day

The World War II was truly global (over 100 million people from 30 countries were involved in the conflict) and the deadliest war in human history, resulting in an estimated 50 to 85 million human losses worldwide. So when the treaty for the unconditional surrender by Nazi Germany was signed, the 9th of May was declared as the day of Victory over Fascism and has been celebrated by the civilized world ever since. The day commemorates the people who took part in the conflict and made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. 

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