Annual Inspection of Marian B Dredger

The annual inspection of all safety equipment and key mechanisms of Kulevi Oil Terminal’s vessels, ensures the safety and longevity of our equipment. These detailed inspections also ensure the conformance of our vessels’ component parts to rigorous standards approved by International Maritime Regulations.


Each vessel is provided with various pieces of safety equipment and materials, which are subject to regular technical examination. For this purpose, we have the contract with a specialized company with the highest standards of certification. This company undertakes the detailed inspection, repair, and certification of the safety equipment on the Marian B vessel.

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Completion of VTC Tower anticorrosion works

Corrosion management and monitoring is one of the main elements of Black Sea Terminal’s (BST) asset integrity management strategy. As such, BST has implemented a consistent program where all process equipment, pipelines and structures are periodically inspected to help 

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Independence Day

For a progressive-minded society in the world, a country's independence, sovereignty and the opportunity for free development has always been invaluable to one's homeland. Our ancestors have struggled for centuries to implement these values and ideas, and have passed on the fighting spirit to future generations. The struggle of our country’s heroes did not go unnoticed: on May 26 of 1918, the National Council of Georgia adopted the Act of Independence of Georgia in Tbilisi, and in just a couple of days later – on May 28, 1918 – the National Council of Azerbaijan established the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan.

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Kulevi Oil Temrinal started transshipment of benzene

Kulevi Oil Terminal started transshipment of benzene which is a new product in the Caspian transshipment corridor. The monthly turnover of this product is estimated at 5,000 to 8,000 tons.


Benzene is a part of gasoline, is widely used in industry, is the starting material for the production of medicines, various plastics, synthetic rubber, dyes.


The first loading operation of the Nordic Marita vessel with benzene was performed in April 2020 in accordance with all operating and safety procedures.

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Kulevi Oil Terminal Celebrates 12th Anniversary

Over the last 12 years our professional team of Black Sea Terminal (BST) employees has demonstrated a strong work ethic and a tireless dedication to realizing their personal goals and achievements.  


It has not been easy to build a new facility with new infrastructure next to several already established ports and oil terminals on the Black Sea coast. However, our professional staff at BST successfully paved the way and achieved the goals set before them. 

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Heydar Aliyev – The National Leader of the Azerbaijani people

Azerbaijan’s national leader Heydar Aliyev, devoted his life to the prosperity and well-being of his nation. A talented politician and public figure, he demonstrated his ability as a leader and became a legend even when he was alive. Aliyev has done unparalleled work for his nation during his time in office during the Soviet period and as the president of independent Azerbaijan.


Heydar Aliyev, who assumed the leadership of the country during the most difficult of times, gave great confidence to the people and laid the foundation for a country with strong economic development.

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Our veteran

It has been 75 years since millions of people around the world sacrificed themselves in the fight against fascism. Many survived the brutality of the war, returned to their families, and despite tremendous spiritual or physical trauma, managed to gradually emerge from the difficult situation and became actively involved in the rhythm of peaceful life. Our society, of all generations, has always respected and will continue to honor the memory of our fallen heroes, as well as war veterans, and will always show love, affection and respect for them.

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The Shusha Tragedy

Universally, the recent history of the world clearly depicts progressive society, which continuously strives to raise the standard of living for a peaceful coexistence. However, there are also certain groups in society who are engaged in war, invasions and acts of violence, which brings about great pain and suffering to the civilian population by destroying their material and spiritual values, thus depriving them of their right to have a decent life.


28 years ago, the small town of Shusha and surrounding regions suffered one of the worst tragedies in world history. This tragedy is called the “Shusha Tragedy”, which reminds the world community of the acts of brutality, severity that occurred on May 8. 1992.

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Security Response Drill

At Kulevi Oil Terminal, security awareness is a top priority and Security Response drills are being conducted on a quarterly basis for security staff. These drills help personnel to develop essential competencies, and new techniques and methods that are essential in addressing potential security issues.


Recently, security response drill was conducted at Kulevi Oil Terminal as per ISPS (International Ship & Port facility Security code) standard requirements. The main topics discussed and practiced during the drill included:


  • Increasing knowledge of security personnel in the direction of security regulations and procedures implemented at Kulevi Oil Terminal
  • Increasing and improving the port security level

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Safety Observation Cards at Kulevi Oil Terminal

Kulevi Oil Terminal is using Safety Observation Cards (SOC) to document hazards as well as safety recommendations in the workplace. It is a comprehensive report that includes evidence and detailed descriptions of key safety observations. Performing and documenting regular safety observations helps to ensure a safe workplace, as well as share best practices with employees.


An SOC is the written record of a safety conversation between an observer and an employee. The observer that wrote the card has to stop the unsafe activities observed and talk to the person involved in the unsafe activity and propose corrective actions to take in order to prevent the outcomes of this unsafe behavior.

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