Historical events

More than a century has passed since the most important period when, as a result of the struggle of Georgian and Azerbaijani people, both countries were able to declare independence - on May 26 of 1918 year the National Council of Georgia adopted the Act of Independence of Georgia, in Tbilisi and just after two days - on May 28 of 1918, the National Council of Azerbaijanis established the democratic state of Azerbaijan. 

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14 years of successful path

Those passed years have been a period of tireless work of professional team of employees who through their teamwork have realized the goals and victories. Kulevi port has been operating with great success since receiving the first rail cars and tankers, the rail infrastructure and production operations are running smoothly, several hundred people have been employed and many important achievements are notable. 

Yes, it was quite difficult to develop a new facility with a new powerful 

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Azerbaijan marks 99th birthday anniversary of Heydar Aliyev

Heydar Aliyev was born on May 10, 1923, and is famous as an Azerbaijani politician, who implemented a lot of reforms, enabled the republic of Azerbaijan to stand on its feet and enter the 21st century as an independent country.


During his governance, the country pushed forward at an increasingly high speed, which led the country to one of the foremost positions on the international stage.

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Our Veteran

It has been 77 years since millions of people around the world sacrificed themselves in the fight against fascism. Our society, of all generations, has always respected and will continue to honor the memory of our fallen heroes, as well as war veterans, and will always show love, affection and respect for them.


From the very beginning of its operation, Black Sea Terminal (BST) has never forgotten to honor the ...

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Ramadan charity

Ramadan Bayram is one of the most important muslim holidays. It is a celebration of love, spiritual strength and understanding; an opportunity to cleanse one’s soul after a month of fasting, and a reminder to forgive and forget all the bad things and help the needy so that the goodness of Allah shines upon you.


Traditionally, during this holiday, the company’s management takes part in charitable actions. This year we joined charitable campaign organized by AZEBI - Azerbaijani Business ...

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Planned inspection of Internal Floating roof systems

Black Sea Terminal is always committed to continuously improve its environmental management system and as a part of its environmental policy, takes necessary measures to prevent pollution to environment. One of significant measures in prevention of environmental pollution is minimize emissions of hazardous matter to the atmosphere related with the transshipment of oil and oil products. Besides prevention of environmental pollution the terminal takes necessary measures also to minimize products natural losses which are directly related with the hydrocarbon emissions and has effect on the customer satisfaction.

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Basic Firefighting training

Basic Firefighting course is an important part of BST training system. Keeping personnel and contractors’ awareness on fire safety issues is prioritizing by BST Management all the time.


In order to coordinate the actions of all terminal personnel in case of any emergency, as well as to train employees in the correct actions when these situations are detected, trainings on the basics of firefighting and emergency actions were organized and conducted during April, 2022.


These trainings consist from two parts: theoretical and practical. 

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Easter Charity

Black Sea Terminal (BST) continues to implement charitable projects. Traditionally this year company representatives visited the House of Virtue, located in Khobi. Social workers and Khobi municipality authorities also attended the event.


Kulevi Oil Terminal donating a large amount of food products, fruits and sweets to the socially vulnerable beneficiaries. After receiving the donation, the beneficiaries expressed their deep gratitude to our company. 

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Public hearing of EIA report

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is an important part of each project which can potentially effect the environment, social life and health.

EIA approval consists of the following stages:

1)    Screening stage;

2)    Scoping stage and public hearing;

3)    Preparation of EIA report and public hearing;

4)    Final decision issued by Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia.


One of the important stages of an EIA is public hearing meeting which is being participated by local people. 

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April 9 – Commemoration Day

33 years ago, on 9th April many citizens of Georgia sacrificed their lives for gaining independence and freedom of Georgia gave the population of the country amazing example of how to fight for a better future of the motherland and for future generation. Two years later, based on the results of the referendum held in 1991 on March 31, the Supreme Council of Georgia on April 9 adopted an act to restore state independence and declared the independence of a sovereign country. This was the second time when the country has become independent.

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