Electricians certification and recertification

Electricians are skilled tradespersons who should be specialized in handling and working on all electrical components including electrical wiring, machinery, maintenance and the repair of electrical infrastructure and electrical cabling. As such, it is compulsory that these individuals have a valid electrician’s certificate and license.


Considering the importance of certifications, Kulevi Oil Terminal, in co-operation with Georgian Technical University, organized refreshment training for all electricians working at the terminal.  The training course included lectures, group discussions an interim assessment, as well as a final assessment.

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PTW for safe work control

Performing maintenance work in a safe environment is crucial in the operation of oil terminals. All maintenance work is associated with some level of risk that could result in a major accident. Therefore, all activities have to be performed under operational controls. One of the main operational controls that have been implemented within the oil industry is the permit to work (PTW) system. The PTW system is an effective tool in the safe control of maintenance work and takes into consideration several important issues, including hazard identification and risk assessment, isolation standards and methods, communication and cooperation

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Breather Valve Maintenance

The Breather Valve is a protection device specifically designed for storage tank protection. The valves prevent the build-up of excessive pressure or vacuum, which can unbalance the system or damage the storage tank (rupture or implode). In short, the tank needs to breathe in order to eliminate the possibility of rupturing or imploding – hence why it is referred to as the Breather Valve.


It is important to regularly inspect the breather valve for the most effective valve performance. As part of Black Sea Terminal’s Planned Maintenance System, the inspection of the breather valves is performed via a maintenance program created in compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

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Kulevi Oil Terminal sponsoring the football club

Charities carried out by our company are quite diverse and numerous, including various social, cultural, educational and sports projects. Particular attention is paid to the interests of young people and the solutions of their problems, as well as their support, in order to enable them to engage in social activities and live a healthy lifestyle.


The local population says with great warmth that Black Sea Terminal management never ignores problems or positive events that occur within the municipality. Kulevi Oil Terminal has not betrayed this tradition. That’s why the company decided to take on the social responsibility to sponsor the Khobi Municipality football club during the season. 

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Steam Boiler Operator Training

The steam boiler is a pressurized system used to create steam by applying heat energy to water. However, it has a high potential for disaster, so in order to avoid any serious incidents, it is extremely important to have trained and skilled operators to increase the competence of the steam boiler operators.


Employee training at Black Sea Terminal is a continuous process, and we aim to have a well- trained and efficient staff. As such, a training course was organized for all steam boilers in cooperation with Georgian Technical University. The training was conducted in two sections – a recertification course for employees who are already certified and a training and certification for newly-hired steam boiler operators. 

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New Year Party at Kulevi public School

Black Sea Terminal has made it a habit to congratulate students and teachers at the Kulevi Public Schools. Terminal management presented students and the school’s administration with gifts and sweets, wishing them success in upcoming academic year and expressing its readiness to assist and support the school in solving any problems that might arise in the future.


Students and teachers expressed their gratitude with a warm welcome and a party. The celebration included Christmas carols, theatrical skits and dances. The event had everyone in warm jovial mood.

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Greetings on the New Year

2017 was a great year for the modernization and implementation of new projects and the development of infrastructure at Black Sea Terminal (BST). These improvements have been made possible because of the hard work of BST’s employees who are the real reason behind the success of our company over the years.


As we are set begin another year, let’s be thankful for 2017, which provided us an opportunity to create new energies and to set new goals. 

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate each and every staff member of BST as we move into 2018. We appreciate all the great work our employees have done this past year.

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Batumi High Maritime Engineering School Training

As part of its training and certification program for its employees and contract employees, Kulevi Oil Terminal organized training courses in the prevention of fires and breathing apparatus, mooring/unmooring operation of vessels, combating oil spills and oil products and courses pertaining to working with air pressure compressors.


The main purpose of these training courses were to familiarize and train the participants in the handling of emergency situations in case of fire, working on mooring appliances and its safety techniques, combating against oil spill and avoiding pollution due to oil spill. The last training course covered all essential topics needed for rescue personnel to gain a better understanding of the uses and functions of high-pressure air cylinders.

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2,200th tanker arrives in Kulevi port

Port Kulevi received, loaded and dispatched its 2,200 th tanker.


Operations began at Kulevi Oil Terminal and in the port of Kulevi on May 16, 2008. It took less than a month to get the first tanker. 

After 10 years of successful operations, Kulevi Port has advanced its general infrastructure to a level that can efficiently respond to the needs of any company. The Terminal’s progress has been noticeable over the years. The port’s capacity has increased, as well as the growing share of operations, including acceptance, loading and dispatch. The general director of Black Sea Terminal and the entire port management staff have given maximal effort into ensuring the constant development of the port, ensuring their future success.

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Commemorating Azerbaijani national leader Heydar Aliyev

Today on December 12, many people visit the Alley of Honors to commemorate Azerbaijani national leader Heydar Aliyev. December 12 marks the 14th anniversary of the death of the architect and founder of the independent Azerbaijan. Aliyev was a world-renowned politician and national leader of the Azerbaijani people. 


Representatives Kulevi Oil Terminal took part in a prayer ceremony organized by Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Georgia. A biographical documentary film depicting Aliyev’s life and political activities were presented to the audience, which clearly reflected his work towards the development of Azerbaijan. 

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