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Visit to oil refinery complex in Aliağa, Turkey

Recently, representatives from BST’s Operations and HSSEQ departments were invited to the city Aliağa in Turkey so they could become familiarized with the oil refinery terminal operated by SOCAR.  


Located in the Petkim Aliaga complex area, the refinery complex is a high-complexity facility that processes liquefied petroleum gases and crude oils. The complex incorporates crude oil distillation plant, naphtha, kerosene and diesel hydro-treater units, and LPG units. The facility also contains the hydrocracker and catalytic reforming units. The refinery terminal is equipped with storage tanks, process and utility pipelines and all of the necessary facilities. 

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EU Representative visits Black Sea Terminal

Recently, a summary meeting was organized at the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia regarding the amendments to Resolution N65-15.01.2014 – specifically, the Technical Regulations for Safe Operation of Oil Bases. In order to meet the requirements of the European Union legislation, the resolution has been amended in a way that tightens control over releasing harmful emissions into the atmosphere. The meeting was attended by the representatives of all organizations involved in the storage and transshipment of oil products in Georgia and the experts of the European Union. Representatives of BST’s Operation and HSSEQ departments attended the meeting.

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Geodesy training and certification

Black Sea Terminal being a company that is expanding and developing rapidly day-by-day, places a great deal of importance on providing training and certification for employees and contractor employees who play a very important role in the development of the company.


Accordingly, as part of various construction and planning activities always ongoing at the terminal, it is a necessity to have experienced and trained employees working in the direction of Geodetic - employees who are always informed and updated about all the latest methods of Geodesy.

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Kulevi Oil Terminal Operations