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Kulevi Oil Terminal has transshipped 24 million tons of oil and gas products

Kulevi Oil Terminal has transshipped 24 million tons of oil and gas products since its operations began in 2008. The transshipped products contained 42% gasoil and kerosene, 35% fuel oils, 17% crude oils and 6% new products like LPG, gasoline, naphtha, pyrolysis and isopropyl alcohol. Initially the terminal was designed and constructed for the transshipment of crude oil, fuel oil and gasoil, but taking into consideration the modification and expansion work performed by the terminal’s management in recent years, the terminal has obtained the technical capability to transship completely new products like methanol

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Training courses on hygiene and health

The working environment of organization is an important factor in its growth and success. It is the responsibility of every employer to ensure that their employees are working in hygienic conditions. This not only improves their well-being but also assures them of good health at work.


Kulevi Oil Terminal is a company working towards the well-being of its employees. As such, it regularly conducts training courses to create awareness among its employees as it relates to  health and hygiene. As part of the company’s training and awareness program, a hygienic study recertification-training course was conducted with an external agency for certain employees at the terminal – especially food handlers and those involved in cleaning.

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Non-destructive Testing (NDT) of Pipelines and Equipment of Kulevi Oil Terminal

The investigation and control of corrosion processes is one of the main priorities for the oil industry worldwide. Losses due to corrosion can reach very high levels and uncontrolled corrosion processes can significantly increase safety risks resulting in severe accidents. If facilities are systematically inspected for corrosion, and control measures are implemented in a timely manner, these kinds of risks can be minimized or avoided altogether. 


As part of its anti-corrosion strategy, BST management has implemented a Corrosion Management and Control Program. Since January of 2018, corrosion engineers have undertaken the corrosion inspection of process pipelines and other terminal equipment. 

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