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ISO 45001: 2018 (Internal Auditor Training)

Kulevi Oil Terminal always adheres to all new updates and replacements according to ISO standards. A training course for the new ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management system replacement of former OHSAS 18001 was organized for employees included in the internal auditors' group at the terminal.


The new standard replacement was developed by the ISO organization based on the report of the International Labor Organization (ILO). As per the report, every year, millions of workplace accidents occur

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Power quality monitoring

Reliable power is a fundamental requirement for any organization. Critical applications require maximum uptime and when problem occurs, the downtime for restoration and repair must be minimized. The “Reliable” applies not only to availability of power, but also to the quality of power.


The reliable power has a direct impact on most aspects of an automation system and the equipment it controls. Electrical systems are subject to a wide variety of power quality problems, which can interrupt industrial processes and affect sensitive equipment. Power quality problems can result in unnecessary downtime due to equipment failure. 

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Planned Maintenance of M/V “Marian B”

Kulevi Port Access channel needs to be dredged for the purpose of providing appropriate water depth for large vessels to pass.


The dredger “MARIAN B” (a self-propelled and self-dumping dredger with length – 77 m, width – 12.9 m, maximum draft – 6.2 m, the hold with capacity 1700 m3, equipped with two suction pipes with excavating depth – 16 m and performance – 1600 m3 per hour, ensures maintenance of depth for tankers with DWT 100 000 t.) has successfully been operating in Kulevi port since 2005 year.


Kulevi Oil Terminal constantly takes care of the dredger’s technical condition. 

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Kulevi Oil Terminal Operations