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Marian B Hopper Dredger Engines Overhaul

Located at the Khobitskhali River mouth, continuous dredging in Kulevi port waters and its approach channel is very important to ensure port readiness for the acceptance of sea tankers. Dredging operations are performed by the Marian B Hopper, which is operated by Black Sea Terminal. For this reason, the continuous availability and proper exploitation of the vessel must be ensured at all times.


All preventive maintenance activities undertaken by the Marian B. Hopper dredger are included in the Computerized Maintenance Management System and preventive maintenance actions are performed regularly.

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Black Sea Terminal Supports Young Athletes

Cooperation between Black Sea Terminal (BST) and the Kolkheti Football Club has continues, as an agreement was signed between the two parties at the beginning of the year. The Kolkheti football club (based in the Khobi Municipality) will place SOCAR Group billboards on the playground, and BST will provide financial support to the club.


This act of cooperation is of great importance to the football club, as the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly limited the club’s financial resources, and the number of fans attending the matches has diminished. 

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Work time management

One of the most important components of a modern business is the effective management of employee work time, which includes the efficient use of hired labor, an increase in labor productivity, timely and high-quality performance of work, efficiency of results, and the achievement of planned technical and economic indicators. All of the above directly depends on how the work time is managed, in particular, how well the work time is used by employees and what are the losses.


Since its inception, Black Sea Terminal has paid considerable attention to the use of work time, thus making it possible for employees to:  

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Kulevi Oil Terminal Operations