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Artezian water well

Black Sea Terminal LLC has been mining the underground waters for several years now. This has been done legally and for operational needs.


The underground water wells are located in the village of Kulevi, 4 km from the terminal. The depths of the wells are 60 and 45 meters respectively.


According to the existing legislation, Black Sea Terminal LLC has a corresponding permit for underground water consumption. This permit allows for the daily consumption of 50 m3 of water for a period of 25 years.

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Winter preparation of the MARIAN B dredger

Year-round work of the dredger MARIAN B is one of the major factors contributing to the regular operation of Kulevi Oil Terminal. Since 2005 the ship has been continuously performing dredging work, and has constructed the marine approach channel and inner harbor, which is regularly being cleaned of sediments. 


To keep the dredger in proper condition based on the ship’s requests, the Terminal has recently purchased the necessary spare parts and materials, and then planned repair and renewal operations are carried out in compliance with the technical maintenance schedule. 

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Kulevi Oil Terminal Railway Tank Cars Scaling System

The electronic scaling system for Black Sea Terminal is designed to take accurate weight readings of Liquid Petroleum Gas (BBF Propylene) rail cars while they are moving.  Coupled-In-Motion (CIM) systems can be customized to streamline railcar weighing and data management, with an accurate and legal system for trade readings.


The system installation allows the terminal to accurately measure the total LPG train weights while the train is moving at speeds of up to 10 km/h.



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Kulevi Oil Terminal