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Kulevi Oil Terminal Railway Tank Cars Scaling System

The electronic scaling system for Black Sea Terminal is designed to take accurate weight readings of Liquid Petroleum Gas (BBF Propylene) rail cars while they are moving.  Coupled-In-Motion (CIM) systems can be customized to streamline railcar weighing and data management, with an accurate and legal system for trade readings.


The system installation allows the terminal to accurately measure the total LPG train weights while the train is moving at speeds of up to 10 km/h.



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Gasoline Trestle AFFS test run

As posted earlier Black Sea Terminal LLC has recently completed construction on a new import trestle for receipt of hydrocarbons from the sea tankers. 

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Special design for the BUA fixing device

Black Sea Terminal is a facility of the highest international standards. Many technologically advanced devices and equipment are installed at the terminal and are successfully utilized. However, there are certain areas where the standard approach is less effective and requires special solutions. 

One of such areas is the RTC Unloading Racks where Bottom Unloading Arms (BUA) are installed. There was a need to develop and implement a special design for the BUA fixing device with an indication of the standby position of the arm. 

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Kulevi Oil Terminal