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Isolation authority training course


Constant development! – This BST slogan describes the approach of the company management to the very fast changing market in the Oil industry. The development of employees is one of the main goals of modern companies who realize that a company’s main asset is its staff. Systematic training courses and knowledge refreshment breeds successful results in an employee’s constant development.

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From idea to reality - 7 years of successful operation


May 16th, 2008 – is the implementation date of the most important investment made in Georgia by SOCAR, the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic.

This day is an historic event in the relations of both countries. As a result of mutual cooperation and hard work, it became possible within a short period of time to build and put into operation one of the largest port oil terminals in the region. 

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Maintenance of Emergency Response Equipment


In order to justify our investment in fire-fighting equipment and the emergency response system, and to ensure their proper and efficient working condition, it is necessary to conduct the proper maintenance of the equipment on a regular basis. This not only ensures the safety of the terminal itself, but the safety of its employees. 

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Kulevi Oil Terminal