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Maintenance Management and its role in the company’s success

Maintenance Management at Black Sea Terminal has been very effective and successful for years and it has dynamically been progressing towards the set objectives and targets of the Maintenance Department. We have successfully managed to maintain an acceptable level of equipment health and performance for the entire period of the terminal’s operation, where the high-quality preventive maintenance work has played a key role in the increased reliability and availability of our assets. 

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Kulevi Oil Terminal participates in Charity Gala Dinner

On June 21st of 2014, Kulevi Oil Terminal joined the First Charity Gala Dinner organized by the Believe Foundation – a recently founded cultural, educational, and charitable organization established to support and facilitate the integration into society of socially vulnerable families and people with disabilities. 

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Efficiency of Steam Generation Package at Kulevi Oil Terminal

The Steam Generation Package is one of the major parts of terminals throughout the world. Kulevi Oil Terminal is no exception. Kulevi Oil Terminal has its own steam generation package which is equipped with two (NST type) steam boilers produced by the world-renown company NOVITER OY. NST boilers are fully automatic and they are dedicated to providing saturated steam for various demands, such as utility and technological processes. 

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Kulevi Oil Terminal