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Overhaul of sand pump on the Marian B dredger

The Marian B dredger has been conducting dredging work in Kulevi port since 2005. From 2005-2008, the dredger conducted the majority of its dredging work to establish the formation of an approach channel and the inner harbor waters. Since 2008 however, the dredger has been supporting navigation depths in the harbor waters, the overall area of which is 770, 000 square meters.


Since its inception, Marian B has dredged in excess of 6,500,000 cubic meters of soil. The dredger works year-round, ensuring the safe conditions for unimpeded receipt and departure of vessels of different weight, including AFRAMAX-class tankers. Along with its basic functions, the dredger occasionally conducts urgent dredging work in Poti port.   

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Kulevi Oil Terminal financed dinner for Catharsis beneficiaries

Charities are an integral part of every community. Charities change the lives of people in need every day with even the smallest donations making a large impact on a community.


The international humanitarian network ‘Catharsis’ was established in 1990.

Catharsis is a social support center, which provides urgent social assistance aimed at socially vulnerable populations. 


Branches of Catharsis function in six towns and districts throughout Georgia. The network help provide the following services: shelter for elderly people, medical services, a chapel, dining-room, a rehabilitation hall, a relaxation room, the Juli Café, library, as well as second-hand clothes.

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SOCAR Summer School interns visit Kulevi Oil Terminal and Port

Kulevi Oil Terminal hosted interns attending SOCAR Summer School. Company management welcomed the students and provided general information about the history, construction and operation of the facilities. The interns also had an opportunity to witness offloading, pumping and loading operations, become acquainted with the SCADA system inside the control room, and were given a chance to visit two newly constructed tank parks. 

Before the site visit, the interns were introduced to terminal safety rules, policies and behavior regulations.  


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