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Training on Microsoft Project

The constant development of the company greatly depends on our professional and experienced staff that is equipped with up-to-date knowledge. BST management pays special attention to the learning and development process. In compliance with the personnel development strategy of BST, internal and external training courses are conducted systematically. As such, quality management techniques require staff training as an important requisite for its successful implementation. 

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Shoreline protection

One of Black Sea Terminal’s most important tasks is protecting its territories and infrastructure from gale-force winds and floods. For this purpose, Black Sea Terminal specialists constantly monitor shoreline conditions. They conduct topogeodesic surveys of the shore monthly and/or after each flood or gale with winds reaching certain levels. They also analyze changes happening on the shoreline, and forecast further geomorphological processes. On the basis of the analyzed data, the specialists develop and implement appropriate shoreline protection measures.



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Fuel oil discharging process improvement

The fuel-oil discharge process is a very power-intensive process requiring a lot of effort, and is done via twin screw pumps. The twin screw pumps are designed to offload the high-viscosity product from wagons, and load it onto shore tanks. The maximum flow-rate of each pump is 1200 m3/h. The pump station is equipped with four twin screw pumps, and three heat exchangers, which fully cover the requirements for fuel-oil discharge.

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Kulevi Oil Terminal