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FIDIC Contracts Workshop

On December 11-12, 2014, Tbilisi hosted highly qualified and experienced professionals in the use of FIDIC contracts. The workshop leaders – Edward Corbett and Aisha Nadar are authors of publications on the contract conditions.


This special two-day event has been designed to offer a complete up-to-date review of the effective understanding and use of the FIDIC contracts currently in use. The event was organized for all those actively involved in international projects, including consulting engineers, contractors, funding agencies, employers, insurers, and manufacturing organizations, as well as representatives from the legal and construction sectors.

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Monitoring of the shoreline condition

Kulevi Oil Terminal and port are situated on the Black Sea coast, in the mouth of the river Khobistskali. The terminal and port area borders the Tsiva River from the west, the Khobistskali River from the north, and the Tsiva River from the east. 

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Transformer Oil Analysis

Transformer oil analysis is an essential part of Kulevi Oil Terminal preventive maintenance program. The power supply system requires extreme reliability. Our power supply utilities include indoor switchgears, outdoor switchgears, complete transformer substations, and substation control buildings. The trouble-free operation of power transformers is a factor of major economic importance and safety in power supply utilities at Black Sea Terminal LLC. 

As transformer oil deteriorates through aging and moisture ingress, transformer oil should be tested periodically. Regular sampling and testing of insulation oil taken from transformers is a valuable technique in our preventive maintenance program ...

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Kulevi Oil Terminal