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Cultural heritage preservation

Georgia has a rich history. The region of Georgia today referred to as Samegrelo, was known by different names throughout history: Kolkheti, Egrisi, Lazika, Odishi and Mingrelia. This region had strategic importance. Huge empires fought against each other in this region of Georgia. Powerful armies including the Roman, Byzantine, Mongol, Turk, Persian, and Russian armies invaded the region many times. 

Kulevi Oil Terminal is located in the area of the Samegrelo region where the first port city – Redoubt Kale was situated. Scientists and scholars are still researching the historical monuments and documentary sources regarding this area. They are also surveying the adjacent cultural and educational centers of Khobi and the Poti Eparchy. They are interested in issues like the development of agriculture and land utilization, the usage of natural resources, and the spiritual and political life of the population.

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Nowruz - Day of kindness

Nowruz, the holiday of the spring equinox, has been celebrated on March 21 for over 3,000 years.  Nowruz is marked by the coming of spring and the beginning of a new life; day and night equalization, the seasonal return of birds, warmer air, the onset of melting snow, and the sprouting of trees from the earth, which is revitalizing, and is symbolic of the renewal of life and the start of a new day. Nowruz is also looked at as the beginning of a new year in many countries.  


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Overhaul of Marian B dredger

The MARIAN B dredger has been successfully operating in Kulevi port since 2005. The ship annually performs a significant amount of dredging required to maintain navigation depths in the approach channel and the inner harbor waters. 2014 was the most productive for the vessel. Such a performance is a result of the constant care taken with regard to its technical condition – this includes the timely implementation of the necessary preventive measures in accordance with register requirements.

This May, the MARIAN B will undergo the ship’s class registration (every five years). Due to this matter it will receive an overhaul at the dock, including repairs of the hull, cargo piping system, hydraulics, disassembly, troubleshooting, machinery repairs, electrical repairs, steering equipment, as well as the cleaning and painting of the hull and its mechanisms.


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Kulevi Oil Terminal