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20 mln tons

Kulevi Oil Terminal has transshipped 20,000,000 tons of oil and gas products since its operations began in 2008.


Meeting international safety standards Kulevi Oil Terminal provides the most efficient operations and satisfies all customer needs. All technical characteristics and successfully implemented quality management systems are maintained by experienced and qualified personnel, and make it possible to strive for goals and reach success every day. The terminal continues to work in the direction of transshipment volume increase.

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Kulevi Oil Terminal started to transship naphtha

Kulevi Oil Terminal is capable to transship a variety of hydrocarbons including crude oil, fuel oil, vacuum gasoil, gasoline, gasoil, aviation kerosene, ULSD, methanol, and LPG.


Black Sea Terminal has proven again however, that it can receive and transship more goods with existing resources and without any additional investment. The next stage of development was the successful receipt and dispatch of the new product - naphtha

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Gifts for Kulevi public school pupils

Students of LEPL Kulevi public school of Georgia were looking forward to meeting Santa with all his gifts. This mission was undertaken by the management of Black Sea Terminal. Our company congratulated them on the New Year with gifts and sweets, wishing them success in their education and future activities.


The students presented their festive event for Santa by writing poems, doing sketches, and performing songs and dances.

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