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One more act of goodwill

The Black Sea Terminal management has maintained its tradition of giving-back to the community, and has actively participated in essential activities to improve and renovate the infrastructure of a public school in the village of Kulevi, in Khobi municipality. The company allocated the necessary financial resources, which allowed students to meet the new academic year with an improved and pleasant environment.

In a letter, the school’s administration expressed their deepest gratitude to Black Sea Terminal management for the significant charitable activities, which have been implemented for the students of Kulevi public school by our company. 

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Gift to Socially Vulnerable People

Black Sea Terminal administration (BST) has decided to implement an important charitable act to help support socially vulnerable residents in the Khobi municipality. After becoming familiarized with their difficult social conditions, BST decided to get involved.

As such, BST company representatives delivered charity goods to Khobi, as well as donated two trucks to the municipality. This act elicited a great response from the people on almost all levels. The population now understands that there are philanthropists who care about the vulnerable people around them, and their wellbeing.

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Preventive Maintenance of the Steam Generation Unit

Periodical inspections and preventive maintenance of the equipment is one of the main and important elements of the integrity management system in oil and gas industry. Considering this Black Sea Terminal has developed and implemented preventive maintenance system, which covers all technological equipment. All company equipment is registered in a computerized maintenance management system for tracking the frequency of preventive maintenance for all its equipment.

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