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SOCAR Summer School interns visited Kulevi Oil Terminal and Port

On August 26, 2014, Kulevi Oil Terminal hosted the interns of SOCAR Summer School. The company management welcomed the students and introduced them general information about the facilities. 

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Predictive Maintenance Program - Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring, which is also known as a Predictive Maintenance - is the application of condition-based monitoring technologies using various predictive tools. 


Even the best preventive maintenance program cannot stop faults that develop in the equipment or systems. Condition monitoring puts us in a position where we can eliminate any developing faults with our assets in a timely manner.

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“Tsotneoba” 2014

Khobi is one of the most beautiful and traditional regions of Megrelia. Nobles had once lived there along with Tsotne Dadiani – a true patriot. Everybody in Georgia knows about his heroism, which is an example of courage and valor for the whole nation.


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Kulevi Oil Terminal